In an industry in which success hinges on the level and quality of service, the Armenia team understands that a strict commitment to the needs of our clients is imperative. For over 60 years Armenia has maintained an impeccable reputation for standing behind the quality of the product that it delivers, which goes far beyond the coffee itself. Providing this link with the roasters in the United States to the farmers in the coffee growing regions around the world comes with many challenges. Providing exceptional coffee at a reasonable price is imperative, but we feel the relationships we foster are invaluable. Armenia is a full-service organization that is your personal connection between the ever-growing micro-roasting community and the supply chain of the global coffee trade.

Free Shipping

When visiting our website, the only decision you will have to make should be choosing your specialty coffee. We think the cost of the coffee should be your only cost!

We are happy to offer free shipping via Fed-Ex ground to the Continental United States so you don’t have to calculate shipping costs as well as green bean costs. If you desire expedited shipping we do offer Fed-Ex 2nd Day & FedEx Overnight at our discounted rates.

If you are a local client and find yourself in a situation where you need your coffee faster than the free option please give us a call at 914-694-6100. We are happy to try and help facilitate individual requests beyond our normal shipping options.

Grain Pro

Sustainable farming methods aligned with the specialty coffee we import deserves the “best of the best” in all aspects of the process. With this belief in mind we ship all orders in an ultra-hermetic GrainPro® bag. The GrainPro® bag is designed to safely preserve the quality of specialty coffee from moisture ingress and change in taste or aroma. Our clients feedback is positive and they appreciate this added benefit which allows the green coffee to be safely stored until ready to roast.

25lb Boxes

We have been directly sourcing green coffee since 1956 and with that type of experience we have exposure to all aspects of the coffee business. We believe 25lb increments to work best for two main reasons. The first is the fact that the majority of micro, home, and small roasters are using a 12kg roaster or smaller. The ease of handling a 25-pound bag makes loading your roaster simple. Secondly being able to stack and store individually sealed GrainPro® lined boxes offers the flexibility of space and time. Our distinctly recognizable corrugated boxes were designed with these two attributes in mind.