FTO Excelso Past Crop

Currently Not Available

This is a Fairtrade Organic coffee from Sierra Nevada. The association where this coffee originates from is ASOPROCASINES. Asociación de Productores Orgánicos Arhuacos y Campesinos Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  This association is uniquely formed by families of peasants from the interior of the country and indigenous people of the Arhuaca.  They work not only to cultivate coffee but preserve their natural environment equally.  There method of production is organic and ecological, and is based on traditional techniques.  Farmers own small farms (less than 5 hectares), of which a third is dedicated to coffee, while the others are used for family consumption.  They also reserve and protect certain areas of the farm.  This association carries out an important task of training the peasants in technical aspects and organic farming to improve the quality of the yield.  In addition, they receive continuous training in further aspects such as management, pest control, disease prevention, citizen coexistence, etc.  A portion of the income obtained from the sale is allocated to funds commonly used to develop education, social projects, food, and rotating loans amongst others.  These practices the association employs are what continues to further develop the community.

Certifications: FTO