RFA Organic Excelso EP

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  • Location: Tolima, Dolores, Colombia
  • Altitude: 1.500 -2.300 masl (4900-7545 ft.)
  • Varietal: Tabi, Catuai, Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
  • Process: Wet Processed

The community of Saint Peter has progressed positively after years of violence in Colombia.  The community consists of many widowed women who work tirelessly in honing their coffee craft.  The Association has over twenty-woman workers, in which half are widowed mothers.  Saint Peters Association, located in the Dolores Tolima region, produces consistent high-quality coffee.  The Association consists of about fifty-five families producing organic coffee.  The Association has pride in the natural beauty and landscapes of the region.  They produce organically to preserve this magnificent ecosystem.

This coffee is well balanced with citrus acidity and berries, floral, and peach notes.

Certifications: RFA, Certified Organic (Transaction Certificate)