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Good morning and happy Monday to all of our friends,

As the calendar changes to a new year, we take a moment and think back over the past year that was and are thankful for your support during that time.  It’s been a very interesting time for us as we continue the transition sparked by the merger with Amcafe in October of 2018.  We hope you agree that the merger of our 2 cultures has brought out the best in the new combined company.  Still, we ask for your input while you continue to provide your continued support.  If there’s anything we can do better to be of assistance to you, please let us know.

Last week the market fell almost daily on the days it was open, on lighter than normal volumes.  Breaking trend support at 1.3000 and 1.2500 this morning gave us continued selling by shorter term systems that had gone very long.  It will be interesting to see the COT reports, delayed by the holiday until this afternoon.  Macro has been plus and minus depending on the day and your predisposition.  Today’s Real number last week was considered bullish, today it’s bearish and so it goes.  Support at 1.20 should bring in trade buying who will be happy to see the market dropped so far from the recent highs – as they have gotten very short overall, it will probably be a good point to take some coverage.

We’ll have some fresh Excelso arriving this week.  Some DD certified Supremos towards the end of the week, should be very nice coffee.  We have a few bags of Viet WP that just went into warehouse, with more coming at the end of the month.  We have some end of the year specials still going on with some previous crop coffees we’d love to move, if you’d consider some of these please talk to your trader about it today as quantities are limited.

We have some really nice Kenya AA and AB that just arrived in Continental, some Ethiopia Natural Sidamo ready to go.  FTO Mexican Chiapas, Nicaragua SHG, Sumatra Mandheling, Honduras Marcala, and a fresh Peru all in Continental ready to go.  We’re down to less than a container load of Tarrazu until the new crop arrives in April/May.

We would love to help any way we can.

The Armenia Team