Coffee Market


9-26-2022 Armenia Coffee Report

Good Morning,We wish all of our friends who keep it, a blessed Rosh Hashanah. The early part of last week started off with a bang, both Monday and Tuesday tried to test...

9-19-2022 Armenia Coffee Report

Happy Monday to all, It’s a nice fall morning here today and though it’s supposed to get hot/humid with a bit of a thundershower later we’ll start off with hot coffee black...

9-12-2022 Armenia Coffee Report

Good day, Normally we start off this comment with a “Happy Monday” type wish for all of our friends. However, yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and all...

9-6-2022 Armenia Coffee Report

Good day, Finally getting a nice soaking rain here in the northeast, though some are getting too much and the flood watches and warnings are all around us. No moderation this year...

8-22-2022 Armenia Coffee Report

Good day, It’s a rainy summer morning here in the Northeast. Rain we can really use. We’re hoping it lasts the day. Last weeks terminal action was almost the exact opposite of the week before,...