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Good Morning,


I know it has become boring saying it, but yet another week inside the bands, though once again now we start the week with an attempt to break out lower. Big C volumes prompted by March rolling by trade houses and index funds. Some say funds starting to add to shorts here.

Rains in Brazil over the next few days looks promising. Peru announced they expect 2019 production of 6.6 million quintals up 6% from 2018, though they expect farmers will lose money even with the larger crop. Indonesia seems well sold going into their 2nd crop and a stronger currency isn’t allowing sellers to follow the market down, and Vietnam starts their lunar new year.

Its Coffee convention and exhibition season again. Coffee Fest is in NYC Mar 3-5. The NCA Convention is in Atlanta a few days later Mar 7-9. April rounds out the season with the SCA exhibition April 11-14. We’ll be attending them all and would love to share a coffee and some conversation with you. If you’re going please let us know how we might set that up if we haven’t already.

Don’t forget, Monday is a holiday. The C market, warehouses and our offices are closed. Hug a President if you know one.

We’ve got some nice Sumatra Mandheling in the warehouse, just a few bags left of the FTO that just arrived (that went really quickly). We have FTO and SHG Honduras Marcala arriving this week. Colombia Excelso EP on the dock waiting on Continental. SHB Guatemala and Panama are coming, stay tuned.


Please let us know how we can be of assistance.


The Armenia Team