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Good morning and we’re hoping our little message finds you and yours safe and well.

We find ourselves living in an unprecedented series of events, and like you we’re trying to figure it all out.

What we know from our origin partners:


As of today, normal activity is reported by coffee exporters.

Several companies thinking about working from home (commercial and administrative staff).


People over 60 years old are asked to work from home.

Coffee export companies working.


Although the government declared a partial lock-down, coffee export companies were still working today.


Complete shut down until the end of the month. Coffee companies are closed.

Not so bad because the coffee season is still several months away.


Office staff slowly moving to home office base.

Coffee mills working.

Schools and universities are closed.


We are doing what we can to assist you our customers, in any way we can.

Right now, we are still working from the office. Each of us at Armenia has remote capability to work from home and may move to part time or full time from home if local authorities make changes, including recommending sheltering in place.

We’re following recommendations from the CDC where applicable and using new cupping guidelines to avoid risks typically associated with the procedure.

We’re asking, as much as we love to see our suppliers and customers that no one come to the office until we receive some kind of “all clear” sign from the CDC that things can return to some form of normalcy. All of our traders have Skype and WhatsApp capability if you’d like to see us and know we are well.

As of this writing, our warehouse partners are working and able to make deliveries though we anticipate that hours might be cut soon so be careful and if you have any questions, please reach out to a trader for clarification on an order or delivery.

As we said above, we’re making adjustments daily and continue to anticipate that we will be continuing to do that into the future. Yesterday, the President of the USA said this could continue until “July or August”. We’ll see as time goes on and will work diligently to keep you posted as the situation or circumstances warrant We’re a praying bunch here at Armenia, and we have all of you, our customers and our friends in our prayers and thoughts.

All the best

Your friends at Armenia