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Good Morning, Happy Monday

It’s a seasonally chilly day here in the Northeast.  Spring is coming and it finally feels like it.

The coffee market continued to work sideways to lower with fund selling continuing to offset roaster buying.  After making a new low early in the week, the market basically moved sideways for the rest of the time.  Funds continue to sell both NY and London.

It’s the dry season in Vietnam, though farmers are starting to become concerned a bit over the lack of rain over a period of time.  Reservoirs remain at traditionally low levels.  CECAFE reported Brazil February exports totaled 3.142 million bags, up 40% year over year.  ECC stocks decreased, GCA stocks increased.

In the news Starbucks reported opening it’s 30,000 store.  Wow!

Last week, our Dave Joelson wrote a nice synopsis of the NCA convention he, John Randall and John Coyne from our office attended. If you haven’t read it and would like to, drop us a line, we’d be happy to send it to you.  Meantime, we have now turned our focus to SCA’s Specialty Coffee Expo April 11-14.  Exhibits open 10:30am on Friday April 12.  SCA doesn’t have us listed on the “who’s exhibiting” list as we took the booth late in the convention season – but be assured we will be there, with bells on, in booth 879.  We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and, making new ones.   We’ll have a place to sit and chat, some samples to take with you if you’re so inclined.

Newly afloat are new crop Costa Rica Tarrazu “La Pastora” coming to NY on/about April 1, and a box of Vietnam Washed/Polished Robusta which is scheduled to arrive on 3/30.  This year, we are expecting less than 50% of the Tarrazu we usually get, so if you like those, think about booking some quickly.   Our next RFA Brazil arrive in New York on the 20th, FT/Organic Sumatra on March 29th (Our last box of FTO Sumatra went really quickly and we’re expecting the same to happen to this one).  We also have SHG Nicaragua in conventional and FTO coming, the FTO is already half sold.   Fresh in Continental are, SHG Honduras “Marcala” in both conventional and FT/Organic varieties.  SHB Panama Estate “Don Vincente” are in the warehouse now and selling quickly.  They join our standards, Sumatra Mandheling and New Guinea Sigri Plantation A and B in Continental.  Stay tuned for the following which we approved the pre-shipment samples recently:  FTO Mexico SHG EP “GRAPOS” and Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Grade 4, both are scheduled to ship before the end of this month.

As always, we’re here to help, anyway we can

The Armenia Team