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Good Morning, Happy Monday

If there were any fireworks in coffee last week, it would have been internally to Brazil where the latest political machinations sent the stock market strongly (but briefly) south while the currency briefly deflated to over 4. This should have caused coffee to tank, but the markets quickly recovered and viewing the week, both Coffee (NY) and the Real were essentially unchanged. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.  London was the weaker market as it seems a lot of coffee is being held back in Vietnam which presumably will come at some point, and the large Conillon crop in Brazil will make its presence felt.  With NY steady and London falling, the arbitrage – premium of NY Arabica to London Robusta – widened about 1-1/2 cents to 28.5 cents (May). As a rule, we can say that origin is hoping to maintain prices so differentials on shipment coffee remain firm, including Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam.  Spot coffee is another matter and better deals can often be had checking the spots.

Luckily, Armenia happens to have some spots that recently arrived:

  • Some delicate Panama’s
  • Really nice Honduras from the Marcala region (FTO and conventional)
  • Sumatra Grade 1 DP
  • Top Papua New Guinea from Sigri Estate

We have a few Tarrazu’s left and more on the way.  Arriving soon a wet polished Vietnam Robusta. We’ve been buying coffees off the Kenya auction and will let you know more when we get them on the water.

Coffees Arrived soon to be stripped (NJ):

  • Top Brazil MTBG from Minas and a few Microlots from the same producer
  • Two boxes Colombian Excelso EP
  • FTO Sumatra

Let us know if we can help.

The Armenia Team