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Good Day,

We hope this Monday finds you safe and well.  Here in the Northeast, we’re finally getting a taste of warmer weather.  We so welcome it.

It took a couple of days, but the market did in fact test 10400 support, but did not appreciably break it, at least for the first attempt.  Subsequent trading could be characterized as consolidation.  Tighter ranges on smaller volumes. 

The disaggregated COT showed funds sold net just a little more than 5900 lots, meaning that short term systems have started a go short program.

For all intents and purposes the market traded in a range of 10400 to 10900 meaning there is likely stops on either end of that short range.   The lower pandemic market volumes will make that a little less important.

Roasters have been buyers, but scale down and they don’t chase.  Depending on the channel you’re in (roaster wise), you’re either doing ok (grocery sellers), holding on (those with drive thru traffic), or really hurting (hospitality – stores, restaurants, sit down establishments).  This has really changed market dynamics. 

Some States in the USA, started to reopen over the weekend.  We’re expecting a phased reopening of the country, even some States are opening in rural areas where populations can more easily socially distance.  It’s really hard for major cities to do so, and so they’ll take more time.  In areas that have reopened, there are mixed results with the bottom-line folks want to be sure they are not placing their families at risk as the re-emerge.

With short term spec selling a little more aggressive than the resting buying that’s in the market, the market will have to convince buyers to get more aggressive, and it feels like the impetus for that isn’t here yet.  The other side is as the market had to do at 12000 and ultimately could not, the partisans who would like to press the market lower will have to convince players there is room to the downside.  Last week it could not, but it’s a new week and so far this morning, they’re trying.

We have some nice, fresh Colombia Excelso EP just arrived and you can have some in either Continental or RPM if you prefer.  We had a really nice small lot of FTO Colombia just go into Continental.  They are from a woman centric co-op and we’re proud to feature them.  We also have 95 bags of straight Organic Colombia Excelso EP just arrived in Conti.  Fresh new crop Tarrazu are available now.   We have fresh arrival Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Grade 1 (hope you like berries) and just a few bags of washed left as well.  New arrivals of Sumatra Mandheling are available, and we have in the warehouse already, really nice Kenya AB’s that are definitely worthy trying (did I say what we had at home this weekend).  Finally, we have fresh Panama and PNG coffee in the warehouse as well as our standard specialty types, please check the inventory list to see what’s available today.

We’d love to help – how about some starting with some samples?

Your friends at Armenia