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Good morning and happy Monday to you

Chilly rainy day in the Northeast, perfect coffee weather.  Hope you’re enjoying a cup as we speak, for us this morning is a nice medium roast Colombia.

July coffee made a new contract low before retracing a bit by the end of the week, only to fall again this morning under heavy macro news.  Many of the markets on our screens showing red numbers this morning.  Events that have more to do with governments and currencies than they do with physical coffee beans.  Still here we are.

A quick scan of last week’s headlines revealed not much happening in the world of coffee, with the exception of a coffee cup from the future on a table in Winterfell, and it quickly became the stuff of meme legend.

If you like natural Ethiopia’s berry like qualities have, we got a delivery for you!  We still have 140 bags or so of excellent Sidamo 3 from our friends at Dumerso that just made it into Continental, but they’re going quickly.   Call us to find out how John C, our resident Q grader, graded this lot!

Fresh micro lots from Ecoagricola/Serra do Cabral in Minas Gerais are here along with Colombian micros from Huila and Café Lumbus.

New crop lots from Central America now starting to arrive at Continental.  Fresh Guatemala Antigua Pastoral are in and cupping wonderfuly, as are fresh Tarrazu La Pastora.  They join FTO lots from Nicaragua, Honduras Genuine Marcala, and Mexico from the GRAPOS Coop in Tapachula, Chiapas.

Of course, we have our favorites from Sumatra, Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate (Peaberries arrive very soon), and Panama “Don Vincente” in Continental and would love to send you sample and are sure you’ll agree these are all lovely coffees worthy of your consideration.


What can we do to help you this week?

The Armenia Team