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Good morning and happy Monday

Hot start to the week here in the Northeast. No shock, rain is expected this afternoon then a return to more seasonable temperatures. No shortage of water this year, everything here is lush and green.

We start the week in the middle of last week’s range. Yet another quick run up failed, mostly as the Brazilian Real weakened to 4.00, bring them back to the market.

The Luckin Coffee IPO went well with prices soaring about 20% on expectations they can sell a lot of coffee in China and reverse their losing ways.

Reports that the Colombian Mitaca and the Peruvian crop starting to flow a bit more freely after a delayed start.

We have a little less than half a container of the recently arrived Dumerso Sidamo Grade 3 Naturals still in Continental, as everyone who samples them buys a few bags. We have new crop Tarrazu and Antigua just into Continental. We’re down to 9 bags of FTO Sumatra, wow they went quickly! Use FTO we have Mexican Chiapas “GRAPOS”, Honduras Genuine Marcala and SHG Nicaragua.

Just into warehouse: New Guinea AA and PB from our friends at Sigri.

Coming soon: A mixed box of Kenya!

And finally, we note the passing of a good friend, Sterling Gordon. Our family has been working with him and his family for over 40 years. Like our family, the Gordon’s have a history steeped in coffee tradition, and Sterling was an honest coffee merchant in the true sense of the word.

We are ready, willing and able to help if you’d need us to. What can we do to help you this week?

The Armenia Team