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Good Tuesday morning to you.

Yesterday we celebrated the men and women who gave their lives so that we might live free in a wonderful country. We are humbled and grateful for their sacrifice.

Last week we got a new low by the end of the week, slightly breaking out of the recent range, running stops at 10500. This morning we got a bit of a bounce, though whether this is a typical DCB we’ll have to see. Overall, a look at the charts still shows a sideway moving market, with a bias to the downside. Volumes have continued to be reduced in this market as the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 virus.

Brazil as a country is struggling with the virus, and it’s currency has reflected a distinct downward bias. As it’s going lower, it’s making up for lower NY C prices, allowing exporters to be aggressive with pricing even as the C works lower.

Colombians remain tight, especially Supremos – where we heard spot diffs traded as high as +85 last week.

We’re highlighting some Brazil RFA’s we had come into the warehouse recently, and in addition we have a fresh lot of Colombia Excelso and some Natural Yirgacheffe gr1, both recently brought into Continental.

We’ve had some women’s centered Colombia Organic and FTO along with some Ethiopia Yirgacheffe grade 1 also from women’s centered suppliers. Finally, we’d mention some PNG Sirgi AA for you cupping pleasure.

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