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Good morning and happy Monday,

The market more or less set the trading range for the week on Monday, going from about 105-110 then on Tuesday doing the exact opposite. The rest of the week trading inside the range.

Seems that funds continue to pare what was a very large short position to one that’s much more manageable, around 15K lots. The Brazilian Real continues its strong pace, hitting 3.71 in the week, and there are no reports of potential worrying weather on the horizon. The US Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates at it’s policy meeting at the end of July.

In the news Colombia proposed a stabilization fund to help farmers with falling prices. Reports of civil unrest in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, leading to the deaths of 34 people and the closure of roads in the region.

FTO Sumatra Mandheling and Colombia Excelso EP are arrived and stripped into Continental and available for sampling. Brazil 2/3 Screen 17/18 are arrived, not stripped. Colombia Supremos are due to arrive at the port of NY tomorrow. We have Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 4 recently afloat to NY due on/about 8/12/19.

Currently in Continental we have lots of specialty lots for you to try. From Brazil micro-lots to Costa Rica Tarrazu, Guatemala Antigua and SHB, FTO lot of Mexican Chiapas, Honduras Marcala, Nicaragua, and SHG, Panama SHB “Don Vincente”. Lots of other nice coffees not mentioned here as well, please check our offer list for any coffees you might need.

We’re here to help!

The Armenia Team