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Good morning and happy Monday,

Well indeed the market worked its way down to fresh contract lows last week, on just general trade lethargy, and a very weak Brazilian Real, along with some other macro considerations. A bit of a correction has followed since, but the market has shown no inclination that it’s near finished with the lows just yet. Funds go shorter. Roasters add a bit more coverage.

We’ve started to see some stirring from some of our customers that the summer doldrums might be nearing an end and we’re about to head into pumpkin spice, ooops we mean the fall and winter roasting season. Inquiries for Brazils still tough to place in spite of the weaker currency and Colombia still far enough away from the start of the main crop that things remain quiet there as well. Of course, the lower market is not at all helping.

There was an interesting discussing prompted by SCA about pricing mechanisms in the current coffee crisis, if you haven’t had the chance, we believe you can still see it on demand from the SCA. Some interesting topics were discussed.

We have a box of Sumatra Mandheling just arrived on the weekend waiting on Continental to pick it up. It will join our new “Indian Baru” Panama Boquete, New Guinea Sigri Estate, Kenya AA and AB, FTO’s from Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and soon Guatemala and Colombia.

Please have a look at our offer list that accompanies this email, and if there’s anything you’d like to see please let us know, we’re here to help.

The Armenia Team