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Good morning,

Hope this Columbus Day has you sitting with a fine coffee enjoying the start of a new week.

Our weekend was busy, attending the New York Coffee Festival, where we saw old friends and met some new ones! It’s truly amazing to see so many folks with such abundant enthusiasm for coffee.

We shared a lot of samples, and good conversation about the coffees we brought with us, especially our Ketiara Ipak Gayo, the Sumatra Mandheling we provided to the Roast Masters competition. We gave out 100’s of pounds of coffee, all of our calendars and brochures.

Congratulations, to the 25 contenders who gave it their all trying to impress, what we heard was a very severe panel of judges, including our own John Coyne, who consumed a month’s worth of coffee in a weekend.

Special congratulations to Elixir Coffee from Philadelphia who impressed those judges enough to win the competition. We understand they will get an origin trip courtesy of Armenia/NYCF to go down and meet the producers from PT Ketiara, traveling with our Izwandi who’ll be their guide.

Thanks to Sweetleaf coffee across from us for the cold brew, the empanada family for the excellent lunches, and all the cups of coffee offered to us during the weekend, there were quite a few. The music was non-stop and kept the festival atmosphere going.

If we met you during the show and you took some coffee home from us, we would love to hear what you thought of it, good or bad we love to talk about our coffees.

The market finally broke through that not so durable support at .9800 in Dec and fell another 5% on what was about 9000 lots of fund selling. The market has tried meekly to stage some moderate rallies from the lows but there hasn’t been the kind of size buying to offset that kind of selling. Most of the buying coming from roasters though they’re fairly well bought through the end of the year. The weather has moderated in Brazil.

Origin has reached the point where they will not continue to follow the market lower so replacement across the board, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Vietnam and even Brazil diffs continue to get higher as the market goes lower.

Please check out our offer list that accompanies this report. If there is anything on there that catches your eye and you’d like to talk to us about, or see a sample please let us know. We’re here to help!