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Good afternoon

It’s a rainy Monday here in our neck of the woods. Hope where every you are, you are well.

Joe and I just finished up at the New York Coffee Festival where we were the “exclusive green coffee importer sponsor” for the show. Although I am not smiling in the picture attached here, we did have a really good time. A great chance to see old friends and make new ones.

The first day was designated a “trade day” and it gave us a chance to speak folks who make a living with their passion for coffee.

The next 2 days, as the show was opened to the public and was a wonderful chance to meet and greet so many folks from the all-around our area who share a great love of coffee! We met folks who roast coffee in all kinds of ways, frying pans, modified pop-corn poppers, especially made for the home enthusiast coffee roasters and more. We met folks who, together with their friends have formed coffee clubs. Folks whose friends and family know that they are the one who “always brings the good coffee” to gatherings, dinners and events. We spoke with folks about the origins or coffee. What makes good coffee. Why preparation all along the chain is so important to good coffee.

All in all, at the end Joe and I were exhausted, but it’s that good kind of tired where you worked with passion for 3 days and at the end you knew you did it well.

We have a new lot of Supremo now ready to go in Norfolk, a fresh Excelso now in Continental to go with some nice stuff in RPM. Tarrazu, Antigua and Yirga in Continental. We might have some new coffees on the list very soon, stay tuned.

We value our old friends who take this email from us every week, and welcome new friends. As always we are at your disposal and anything we can do to help, you just need to ask.

All the best
John and Joe