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Good morning

It’s a rainy Monday here in the Northeast, another in a string of rainy days we’ve had recently. We’ve been happy with the clear skies when we’ve had them lately. We’ve still got the folks down South and Indonesia in our thoughts and prayers as they continue their recovery from much worse.

Joe C said to me this morning “what a difference a week makes” and he’s right. Finally, the C was able to move through the usual spec based overhead resistance and it looks like maybe we have some consolidation/profit-taking, taking place. There’s been good selling along the way from Origin, particularly Brazil and a bit from Colombia as well, but the market pushes forward even so. Today’s high stops just behind some resistance lines that could prompt some more spec buying if the market can press even higher from there.

Elections in Brazil went as expected, and the benefit is it’s brought some stability to the Real. The 2nd round looks interesting as two contrasting candidates will fight it out from here.

We had some fresh Supremos land in Norfolk and have some nice Excelsos in RPM in NJ, with another lot just landed in NJ and headed to Continental. Some fresh Tarrazu’s just came in to replace sales from last week, so we still have a nice quantity of coffee here in NJ, freshly turned and ready to sample. We still have about ½ a box of Sumatra, some nice Antigua and Yirgacheffe in Continental, and Joe still has a few bags of Screen 19 Supremos in Continental if you’d like something fancy (just about 20 bags now).

Joe and I are here to help in any way we can.

All the best