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Good morning.

Here in the USA, we are not just commemorating Veterans day as we usually do today, we remember the 100th year anniversary of the end of World War 1. We are so thankful to the men and women of our military who leave their families to protect the cause of freedom. We are grateful as well to those families who sent their boys and girls to serve our country and didn’t return. Our nation owes you a debt that can never be repaid. You have our never-ending thanks.

Bright sunshine here in the Northeast, but frost on the car as we left for work today. The weather is getting colder, the traditional coffee season is upon us, and we have noted a bit of an uptick in demand. That said the C market was unable to hold important support around 120 and then the 20 days moving average. Good selling from origin who were grateful for the chance to extend their coverage, and when the market couldn’t find the buying to offset that selling, we broke support and added some technical selling as well. Weakness in the Brazilian Real was also not helpful to coffee bulls. The fund roll of Dec into March is now well underway. March has a small gap from 113.45 to 112.80 and nature as always, abhors a vacuum. I’m expecting we’ll fill that gap and figure out what we do from there.

We sold most of the full containers of Excelso and Supremo we had spot, with just a split box of Excelso and a small lot of very nice scr 19 Supremos available along with a small lot of 17/18’s (less than 100 bags). Calvary is on the way and we’re hoping to have replacements shipped on the 20th of November. We just approved a very nice preshipment sample of Sumatra Mandheling that should be shipping soon, as well. Our pricing moves to March today.

The Armenia Team