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Good morning and happy Monday

Here’s hoping you had as nice a July 4th holiday as we did, and are ready, back in your chair and ready to rock. Ok, maybe not rock but at least buy some coffee??

Last week was lost to the holiday, with the actual holiday day on Wednesday, folks took the chance to get away on both sides of the week. That was coupled with a collapsing market which found it’s way to new lows for the move. A “blow off” day early on Friday lead to a reversal close by the end of the session as commodities across the board rallied on the good economic news in the USA. If you are a technical trader, you’d like to see the market hold 112.30 today, use it as a base and find a way to rally a bit more, maybe it would help differentials and lead to a little more physical biz as we leave the holiday doldrums.

Last week our Mandheling went into Continental – we would love to send you a sample if you’d like. We still have some nice fresh Tarrazu, Yirgacheffe, Antigua and one more lot of fresh Excelso just into the warehouse.

If we can be of help, please let us know.

All the best
John and Joe